Production Process

CR Textile produces tapes and fabrics since 2012 at its production site in Via A. Frank in Mozzate (Como)

Are used for the production of the following technologies:

-control To “sickle” for the weaving of elastic and rigid ribbons from 4 mm to 365 mm in height, for any sector.

Production machines with this technology are the production of the company Mueller leader Mondiale-

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In almost all ‘cases the machines are still ad hoc customized by CR Textile

-Trecce 3 ply, 4 ply, 5 bosses, 7 heads, heads to 8, 9 heads, 11 heads, 13 heads, 16 heads, 17 heads, 21 heads using for the plot CR Textile materials fabrics or processed materials from suppliers for CR Textile.

The braids produced by CR Textile are targeted primarily to the leather sector.

-control “Crochet” for the construction of the upper for sandals and footwear in general, and for any usage in clothing.

-control “Raschel” for the production of two-way stretch fabrics for clothing

The products are melamine Of CR Textile after the step of weaving and plaiting on special finishing machines fully customized by CR Textile order to follow the dictates of the market.

In the finishing process of CR Textile also includes the transference Printing Techniques for creating and stanpa sublimation of drawings in digitle or “OFFSET” to any of the types of materials.

CR Textile products are packaged in various sizes on request of customers and on different media depending on the intended use.

This the CR Textile.