CR Tech by CR Textile

Tech CR by CR Textile – Guarantee seal

CR Textile guarantees control of the production process from raw material purchase, the sale of the finished product.

CR Textile buys the raw material preferably from Italian and European manufacturers which requires full compliance of the product characteristics established in origin with appropriate technical.

CR Textile operates a constant quality control during the weaving where specialized technicians and collaborators, experienced, follow the progress of production; always following rigid rules established by sheets.

CR Textile grants a particular attention to the process of finishing of the product, the phase considered more important processing; each item of CR Textile has finishing process differently depending on the destination of the product by product.

Auxiliary Products Finishing/temperature, speed production are studied meticulously for every single item/

CR Textile operates a quality control in the final phase of the pack, where often the technology and replaced by the attentive human control.

CR Tech our seal of guarantee by CR Textile. (As explained )